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Find exactly what you want with these guidelines and hints

Gmail’s superior search capabilities help you locate exactly what you are searching out rapid using seek operators. Search operators are special characters and parameters that fine-track a seek. Gmail’s strong search functions are on hand, given the tremendous quantity of storage Gmail offers. A manual search via your archived emails might be almost impossible in any other case.

When a easy text entry within the search field at the pinnacle of the choices Gmail display returns too many emails, use those operators to go looking by means of challenge line, date variety, sender, and greater.

The instructions in this text are designed for use with the choices computer model of Gmail, accessed via any net browser.

Simple Searches

To discover messages in Gmail, an excellent first approach is to type seek phrases in the Search mail discipline.

Gmail offers masses of keyboard shortcuts. Type / (the choices forward cut down on the choices keyboard) to get to the Gmail seek bar in an on the spot.

Gmail Search Options

When a simple search yields too many outcomes or not the ones you want, specify criteria to slender the choices consequences. Click the Show search options drop-down arrow within the Gmail seek subject to open a complicated seek window.

Click Search at the bottom of this panel to perform the search the usage of the criteria you chose.

Combine multiple search options to discover, as an example, emails from a certain sender that comprise attachments and that were despatched for the duration of the choices past yr.

Gmail Search Operators

In the Search mail area (in each the primary Gmail window and in the superior search window), you could use the following operators:

How to Combine Operators and Search Terms

Operators and search phrases can be blended with the subsequent modifiers:

You can bookmark Gmail searches that you use regularly.

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