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Steam game prices over time

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steam game prices over

I would really like to preserve myself aware of Steam sale tendencies with the intention to know the choices video games that are probable or no longer to be discounted inside the destiny.

Is there a manner to get entry to Steam sales records globally and for a selected game?

Not on Steam itself. However, 1/3 birthday celebration websites such as SteamDB exist particularly for this motive.

I use a browser extension called Enhanced Steam that gives me lowest charge ever, lowest rate presently, and if the sport has (or is) in a bundle. It searches a number of websites, not simply Steam, and I also can access a graph of price history, so I can see what is occurring with any fee fluctuations.

If you are interested by a sport on Steam and are interested in the rate from everywhere you could attempt

I’ve always used

It also has a graph to expose sale fees and the choices date of them

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